Real Life Groups

What are Real Life Groups? Jesus chose a relational circle of 12 disciples to release His life-transforming love. Real Life Groups are relational circles releasing God's life-transforming love. Real Life Groups are bible studies, Men's groups, Women's group, Celebrate Recovery groups and more...

how do i join a group?

You can find and communicate directly with a group! 

  • NOTE: Many groups take a break during the summer. We always have new group options in the Fall.


  1. How long is your group duration? Short-term groups meet for a semester with a pre-determined length (10-12 weeks) in the Fall, Spring and Summer. There are 4-6 week planned breaks in-between.
  2. Where do your groups to meet? Any fellowship-friendly environment (homes, coffeehouses, break rooms, church facility, etc).
  3. When do your groups meet? At the day and time chosen by the group host/leader.
  4. What is your group frequency? Groups meet weekly during a semester.
  5. Are your groups open or closed? Groups are open, meaning that 1st time guests are always welcome to a group. Some exceptions may apply.
  6. How big is a small group? 6-15 people.
  7. Do your groups have a target audience? Mixture of affinities and life-stages
  8. What happens at a group meeting? 90 minutes to 2 hours in length with an Acts 2:42 format: The Word, Fellowship/Discussion, Prayer and Breaking of Bread/Snacks.
  9. How is the group curriculum determined? Annual church-wide campaign and a group curriculum map.
  10. How can I lead a small group? Sign-up to be a H.O.S.T. during our annual church wide campaign or assist a current group leader in leading their group.