devotion day 18

Breath, focus, share; these are fasting principles to remember in the next 21 days.

Take a breath - you will survive.

Focus - make some goals during this fast and then focus.

Share - God wants to hear from you; your joy, your pain, your frustration - everything.

Allow God to speak to you through the devotional below during your fast

from rick clack, Leadership school student and rlc board member

One night, I was taking the trashcans to the curb when I noticed my neighbor cleaning up a big mess in front of his house. It was late; I just wanted to get back in the house to end the long day. I had the choice to make a good gesture even though I didn’t really have to and I definitely didn’t want to. This only looked like an inconvenience to me - I’m just being real - but any help would mean the world to my neighbor.

As I started walking across the street I asked what happened. He told me someone came around the corner and hit his trashcan, then took off. Trash was everywhere. As I helped him pick up the mess, we got into a really good conversation that turned into laughing; and a new friendship. I could have said nothing, turned around and walked back into my house. No one would have known the difference or thought good or bad about me. I’m glad I listened to the Holy Spirit that night. The short walk across the street opened up an opportunity to tell my new friend about the sacrifice Jesus made for his life.

Picking up some trash late one night felt like an unnecessary inconvenience for me. It meant the world to my neighbor who was mad and would have been stuck alone, late at night, cleaning up a mess made by some prankster.

There are a lot of times when we come face to face with the battle over doing good or doing nothing; even if it would go unnoticed.

We all like to think of ourselves as God’s handy work in the first part of Ephesians 2:10. However, what I experienced by helping my neighbor, fulfilled the second part of the scripture – a call to action: “…created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Helping Casey wasn’t a heroic act; it wasn’t even a noteworthy “good deed”. Picking up trash doesn’t sound like a big deal. The truth is, it wasn’t about trash but about the right choice.

During this fast, in these last couple days, choose to make right choices and bless some people around you. You were created for good works.